AirHub – Cockpit

1. Execute a mission

You can execute a mission via the fly here button or can open one from the planning

1. Create a mission by pressing Fly here

2. Press Start flight. Note: drone and battery will be added automatically.

3. Choose AirHub – Cockpit

4. Now your in the AirHub Cockpit and ready to fly

2. Cockpit explained


a. Button to exit cockpit mode. After pressing this button, you’ll have the option to “abort flight” or “log flight.”

b. This section displays the current status of the aircraft.

c. Amount of gps

d. Battery percentage

e. remain flight time

f. Settings menu

g. Toggle livestream on/off

h. Checklists

i. Take off

j. camera/video mode

k. record

l. Map

m. aircraft telemetry

o switch camera

n. Switch camera lens