AirHub – Flight timer

The AirHub – Flight timer mode is an ideal solution for organizations that operate drones not supported by the AirHub – Cockpit mode but still need to comply with regulations. With this mode, you can fly your drone using any third-party app, such as DJI Pilot, Autel, or Parrot, while the AirHub app tracks your flight time in the background. Alternatively, you can use a second device to run AirHub if you are using a controller for flying and a tablet for compliance purposes. The following chapter will guide you through the workflow in a step-by-step manner.

1. Execute mission with AirHub – Flight timer

1. Create a mission by pressing Fly here

2. Add drones, battery and/or equipment to the flight plan by add equipment

3. Press Start flight

4. Choose AirHub – Flight timer

5. Now your in the AirHub – flight timer and the timer is running. Once your done flying you can log your flight by pressing Log flight button.