DJI import

DJI Import

If you’re switching from the DJI app to the AirHub software, you probably have some old flights in the DJI app. Having all data in one software ensures you’ll still have a complete overview of all your previous information, so you no longer need the DJI app.

Drone Operations Center

  1. Ensure your DJI flights are uploaded to the cloud from the DJI app.
    • Open the DJI app
    • Go to settings and upload all your flights to the DJI cloud.
  2. In the AirHub dashboard, go to the ‘Logbook.’
  3. On the right-hand side in the upper corner, you’ll find the ‘Sync via DJI Cloud’ button.
  4. Click on it and log in with your DJI credentials.
    1. You can choose to save your credentials for future imports by clicking on ‘Remember Me’ below the password. This will save your information.
    2. If you prefer not to save your credentials for privacy reasons, simply don’t click on ‘Remember Me.’ Your credentials won’t be saved in this case.
    3. To edit or save your DJI credentials later, go to your profile by clicking on your name on the left-hand side, then click on ‘Connections.’ You can turn off the DJI toggle to delete your information from the AirHub servers or turn it on to remember your information.
  5. The synchronization process will start, and you’ll receive a popup in the dashboard when it’s done. You’ll see a red ‘1’ above the DJI import button.
  6. You get a popup in the dashboard when this is done, there will appear a red 1 above the DJI import button
  7. Select the flights you want to import into your logbook.
  8. Click on import
    • If you have an individual account, your logbook items will immediately import with you as the pilot.
    • If you have a team account, an additional step is required. Choose your pilot, payload operator, and observer for the flight.
  9. The flights are now in your chosen logbook environment.
    • Be aware if you did this in your individual environment, it’s no longer possible to upload these flights to your team environment.
    • If you imported the flights once, you can’t do it again to avoid having duplicate flights in your logbook.