Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

When flying a drone, it’s crucial to be aware of the current weather conditions and the forecast. Understanding the weather can greatly impact your flight planning and safety.

Ground Operation Center

  1. Start a new mission in the mission planner. To do this, go to the dashboard and click on the blue “New Mission” button on the left.
  2. Fill in the mission details, draw your fly zone, and add waypoint missions if applicable.
  3. Click on the “Weather Forecast” icon, which is the topmost icon on the bottom-right corner of the map screen.
  4. The following layers of weather forecast will be shown w.r.t the location selected.
  • The first layer of information displays the temperature in Celsius.
  • The second layer of information displays the wind power in km/hour.
  • The thirds layer of information displays the gusts in km/hour.
  • The fourth layer of information displays how clouded it is in percentage.
  • The fifth layer of information displays the humidity in percentage.
  • The sixth layer displays the rain information in mm.
  • The seventh layer displays the pressure in pascals.
  • The eighth layer displays visibility in km.
  • The ninth layer displays the KP index.
Ground Control IOS App

Weather forecast displays the weather conditions in the Ground Control Apps similarly as it displays the information in the Drone Operation Center.

  1. In the Ground Control app, you’ll start on the “Flyzones” page.
  2. To access weather information, press on the weather icon located in the upper right-hand corner (iOS) or the right corner on the map (Android).
  3. The weather forecast, as well as the weather warning system, will be displayed based on the selected location.
Ground Control Android App

The Ground Control Android Application displays the weather forecast similar to the iOS.

  1. Start the app, you’ll land at the ‘Flyzones’ page.
  2. Press on the weather icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. The weather forecast and the weather warning system will be shown.