AirHub announces Online SORA Tool at the Amsterdam Drone Week

Specific operations risk assessment

With the Online SORA Tool drone operators can easily perform their risk assessment for operations in the Specific Category and apply for a permit or waiver at their CAA.

Specific Operations Risk Assessment The Specific Operations Risk Assessment (#SORA) was developed by JARUS to provide drone operators with a methodology for the risk assessment required to apply for an authorization to operate an Unmanned Aircraft System (#UAS) within the Specific Category.

Performing a SORA can be a time consuming effort however and at AirHub we noticed that operators and CAA’s were struggling with this. Also we noticed that, once they had gone through the SORA process, it did not provide them with a clear overview of requirements they had to fulfil to perform the intended drone operation. That is why we have developed the Online SORA Tool.

The Online SORA Tool provides operators with one easy to use application to quickly go through all steps of the SORA process:

  1. Description of Concept of Operations (#ConOps)
  2. Determination of the UAS intrinsic Ground Risk Class (#GRC)
  3. Final Ground Risk Class determination (M1 to M3 mitigations)
  4. Determination of the initial Air Risk Class (#ARC)
  5. Application of Strategic Mitigations to Determine intermediate ARC
  6. Application of Tactical Mitigations to Determine final ARC
  7. Determination of adjacent area / airspace considerations
  8. Comprehensive Safety Portfolio considerations (#privacy, #security and #insurance)
  9. Determination of Specific Assurance and Integrity Levels (#SAIL)
  10. Identification of Operational Safety Objectives (#OSO) and other requirements

Join the Beta programme

The AirHub Online Sora Tool will be publicly available in January 2020 and we are now inviting rulemaking officials, developers of standard scenarios, inspectors of CAA’s, remote pilots, instructors and other aviation professionals to apply for access to our Beta programme via or via our sign up page.

Would you like to gain more in-depth knowledge about the European regulations for UAS , the SORA or the development of Standard Scenarios? Then don’t hesitate to contact us about our EU Regulations & SORA workshops or training courses.

How AirHub can help

At AirHub we have guided many organizations across various industries with setting up a safe, efficient and compliant drone operation. Contact us to take advantage of the experience and expertise of our consultants. They will guide you in applying the SORA risk analyses methodology and in setting up an operating manual specific to your operation. And with our AirHub Drone Operations Management platform you will be able to gain a comprehensive insight into your drone operation.

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