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Drone applications and Urban Air Mobility can amaze your visitors and inspire your employees to develop new and efficient workflows that benefit your organization.

Aviation has always inspired people, and now drones and Urban Air Mobility (#UAM) are representing the next big step in man’s desire to take to the skies. At AirHub we can assist you with setting up a professional drone show or give your audience an inspiring workshop or presentation about the possibilities of this new form of aviation.

The workshop inspired my employees to come up with innovative new solutions for our organization.

Professional drone shows

Drone #shows are the new form of professional entertainment with hundreds to even thousands of drones incorporated into one magnificent light show. Or what about integrating drones as flying objects into shows at your amusement theme park? At AirHub we can assist you with everything from selecting the right drone supplier to setting up the operation and getting the required #permits and #exemptions.

Drone workshops

What will be the added value of integrating drones into your workflow? And how do you train your employees and make sure all operations are conducted safely? Many companies and public organizations are looking at drones to work safer, increase efficiency and lower costs but run into many questions. With one of our workshops we will get you up to speed in less than a day and will guide you through the possibilities and limitations when setting up your drone operation.

Drone presentations

Do you want to get up to speed with the new European legislation for drones in the Open, Specific and Certified category or do you want to know the ins and outs of the Specific Operations Risk Assessment (#SORA)? Or do you even want to inspire your audience with a complete vision on Urban Air Mobility or Unmanned Traffic Management? At AirHub we will inform and inspire your audience with a presentation by one of our experienced consultants.

How AirHub can help

At AirHub we have guided events and theme parks with setting up their professional drone (light) show and have held numerous workshops and presentations on the possibilities of drones and Urban Air Mobility. Contact us to take advantage of the experience and expertise of our consultants.

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