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Setting up a national or local policy for drones and Urban Air Mobility requires specific knowledge, not only about the aircraft but also about aviation legislation and procedures.

Drone technology is moving fast and we are looking at a future where packages will be delivered to us through the air and where the transportation of cargo and people in the lower airspace above urban area’s will be a common service. So how do you keep as a national legislator or policy maker in an industry that’s innovating at such a pace?

AirHub provided us with a comprehensive vision to shape our national roadmap for drones and UAM.

To keep up with the pace of the drone industry you will need a partner that has extensive experience and has specific knowledge available to guide and support you in the development of your policies and regulations.

Implementation of European regulations

At AirHub we are legal aviation experts and we have extensive technical and operational knowledge of (unmanned) aircraft. With our experience and expertise we support Civil Aviation Authorities (#CAA)with setting up their drone policies legislation or guidelines and we help them with the national implementation of the European regulations for drones in the Open, Specific and Certified category.

In the Netherlands for example, we are supporting the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management with the development of their national Drone Roadmap and we are the preferred consultant to the Expert Group on Drones, developing all Specific Operations Risk Assessments (#SORA) and Standard Scenario’s for #BVLOS operations, operations above congested areas, railways and more.

Development of technical and operational standards

When developing national drone legislation, policies and guidelines you want to set operational standards and limitations for operations in certain geographical zones such as nature areas and other sensitive areas such as around military installations and prisons. You will also want to set technical requirements to the drone and supporting equipment and services.

At AirHub we can help you with the implementation of European guidelines for CE-marking in the Open category in accordance with the EU Delegated Act and the development of requirements for the technical assessment of drones in the Specific and Certified category. You might even consider setting up a Qualified Entity that can give recommendations to your Competent Authority or pilot training, #airworthiness of aircraft and operational #authorization.

Training and checking requirements

When operating drones in the subcategories A1 to A3 in the European Open category the pilot (or operator) will have to verify his/her theoretical knowledge on subjects like legislation and weather before being authorized to operate their drone. At AirHub we can support you in setting up the required question-databank and curriculum for these subcategories. For operations in the Specific category we can provide you with guidelines and standards on theoretical and practical training for operations on all six #SAIL (Specific Assurance and Integrity Levels) levels.

U-Space, e-registration and e-identification

The introduction of U-Space or #UTM will have an enormous impact on our low level airspace. U-space is a set of new services and specific procedures designed to support safe, efficient and secure access to the airspace for large numbers of drones. These services rely on a high level of digitalization and automation of functions, whether they are on board the drone itself, or are part of the ground-based environment. U-space provides an enabling framework to support routine drone operations, as well as a clear and effective interface to manned aviation, ATM/ANS service providers and authorities.

Many Civil Aviation Authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers struggle with this new concept. At AirHub we have extensive knowledge about U-Space/UTM principles and architecture and we can provide you with a Concept of Operations (ConOps) – including requirements and guidelines for e-registration and e-identification – for the implementation of U-Space in your national airspace.

How AirHub can help

At AirHub we have guided national and local authorities with setting up a legislations, policies and guidelines for drone operations under the European Open, Specific and Certified category. Contact us to take advantage of the experience and expertise of our consultants. They will guide you through all the specifics of this innovative industry.

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