Safely Integrating Drones in Society

drone flying with air balloons at the back

Our mission at AirHub is to safely integrate drones into our society. We believe in the potential of drones to fulfill tasks in a safer, quicker, better and more efficient way.

Drones are steadily becoming a tool for more and more companies and public organizations across the globe. Drones are used in a variety of sectors ranging from smart #agriculture to #energy and #insurance to public safety & #security.

The drone market is still at the beginning of a long term growth path – SESAR Joint Undertaking

Over the next years we will continue to see an enormous increase in the number of applications such as #delivery for e-commerce platforms and urban air mobility (#UAM) through the use of drone #taxi‘s. At AirHub we guide companies, public organizations and governments in safely integrating drones in their workflow, the airspace and our society.

Online training and operational support

The first step to get your drone operation up and running is to train your crew on the missions that they are going to perform. It is important for pilots and observers to gain knowledge about #regulations, #weather and external factors, principles of flight and more. It is crucial however is to provide your crew with practical training as well. Pilots should be able to handle the aircraft under normal, abnormal and emergency situations.

In the next couple of years more and more flights will be executed beyond the visual line of sight of the pilot (#EVLOS) or even the observer (#BVLOS). These flights will mostly be automated, and the crew will have a different role and responsibility compared to manual flights. At AirHub we can provide your crews will all the necessary education for current and future missions.

Drone Operations Management Software

Not only the number of companies and organizations that operate drones is increasing, also the frequency with which they use their drones is increasing at an exponential rate. With this the need for safe and efficient flight planning, data processing and flight logging is rising as well.

With AirHub’s Drone Operations Management Platform operators can legally, safely and efficiently plan, execute and manage their operations. Planners can prepare a flight plan at the office using the online dashboard so that it is available to the flight crew once they arrive on site. Crews can then send their flight plan to air traffic control over the build in UTM (U-Space) connection to get permission for their mission. Both the air traffic controller and the flight operations manager back in the office can track the drone once it is in the air. When the drone has landed, all data is automatically saved in the logbook and send to the AirHub Cloud.

Policy consulting and regulatory support

At AirHub we have guided both European, national and local regulators with establishing their policies for drones. Wether it is providing input to the new European regulations, implementing these regulations on a national level or developing guidelines on #privacy, environmental protection or (data)security, our consultants will provide you with valuable knowledge and experience.

We are specialized in aviation and drone specific regulatory frameworks, Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and U-Space, SORA and Standard Scenarios, Operations Manuals and more. Let us know your questions and we will find the anwers for you.

How AirHub can help

At AirHub we have guided governments and organizations across various industries with practical solutions. Contact us to take advantage of the experience and expertise of our consultants, download the AirHub Drone Operations Management application or start today with one of our online trainings.

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