The Drone Operations Management Platform

AirHub ground control software on phone

Easily plan, execute and log your flights and manage your drone operation from the office or directly in the field with the Drone Operations Management Platform from AirHub.

As a professional drone operator you require detailed knowledge about mission planning, real time insight on flights and regulatory compliance. AirHub’s Drone Operations Management Platform seamlessly connects you and your organization to the aircraft, the airspace around it and the data it gathers.

Pilots can use our mobile applications to plan their flights and control their DJI drone in the field and managers can maintain an overview of their operation from the web-based dashboard.

Legal and efficient flight planning

Plan and prepare your flights efficiently and legally with our pre-flight planning tools. Our airspace map immediately provides you with a comprehensive overview of the airspace around you. Within a matter of seconds you will be able to check if you are allowed to fly and wether you need permission. Anticipate to upcoming weather changes with our hyper local weather forecasts.

When you are ready to fly you can set up flight plan within a couple of minutes. Select the area that you are going to fly in and name your flight. Add notes, checklists or permissions forms and select the pilot, observer and payload operator from your team. Automatically connect to your DJI drone or select your drone and battery from the library.

Realtime control and airspace deconfliction

Once you start your operation a notification is automatically send to air traffic control (#ATC) over the Unmanned Traffic Management (#UTM) system. Within minutes you will be able to receive authorization for your flight and you are ready for take-off. During the flight ATC will be able to track your drone in real time and can inform you of conflicting traffic.

DJI drones can be controlled directly from the AirHub mobile application, so once you are on the ground all data about your drone and batteries is automatically saved in the logbook.

AirHub’s Drone Operations Management Platform helps you to fly with confidence and stay compliant.

Keep track of your assets and stay compliant

With the build in library operations managers can set up teams and keep track of all their assets and pilots. They can gain a comprehensive insight in how many hours their drones and batteries have flown, if they require maintenance and export all required data. Pilots can check their currency and save their personal documents such as their licence, medical certificate and more in their personal profile.

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