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Integrating multiple drones in U-space Airspace

Drone flying in the port of Rotterdam with a boat in the background
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The AMU-LED project is part of the SESARJU research program that has been initiated to accelerate unmanned aviation, in particular, the developments of U-Space. AirHub participated as a consortium member and was responsible for the demonstration in Rotterdam. Besides the demo in Rotterdam, operations were conducted in Amsterdam and Enschede, as well as in the United Kingdom and Spain.

The challenge

As demo leader for Rotterdam, AirHub worked closely with the Port of Rotterdam Authority in order to successfully perform the flights. The demo consisted of three drones flying simultaneously, along with a manned helicopter. The scenario focused on in-flight deconfliction and dynamic adjustments of the U-Space airspace. This was demonstrated by simulating an incident in the harbor. One of the flight routes was impacted, meaning the no-fly zone created a restriction for the drone. Additionally, the manned emergency helicopter was flying in the area where the U-Space management system ensured the separation between manned and unmanned aviation.

We believe there are many ways to apply drones within the harbor. It makes the harbor more efficient, it can also make the harbor safer.
Ingrid Römers, Port of Rotterdam


The AirHub Drone Operations Center was used to plan all missions in the area. Via the mission planning tool, the mission was planned and sent directly to the U-Space provider Altitude Angel. The U-Space provider was responsible for deconflicting the flight as part of the U-Space services. In addition to the planning phase, the AirHub software was able to track all flights in the area (real-time) by receiving the telemetry data (speed, height, remaining battery, etc.). The demonstration showed that the integration between AirHub and a U-Space provider (in this case Altitude Angel) worked. 

After a successful demonstration, AirHub is further developing its product. U-Space technologies are also under development to be able to provide the mandatory U-Space services. The AMU-LED project stimulated this development and highlighted the need for further developments for both technology and regulation. AirHub Software is working closely with the Consultancy department to ensure that the AirHub Drone Operations Software meets client needs while flying legally and efficiently in U-Space airspace.


This project showed the possibilities of multiple drones flying in a complex airspace. It’s important to test such scenarios to excel the growth of the U-Space industry.