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Smart inspections


Dutch Drone Company (DDC) does inspections with drones. Not only does their company save time and money for their customers, it also makes their jobs a lot saver. Instead of having to send people to climb up an 80-meter-high chimney to inspect the top, or go into an unsteady cave to see what condition it’s in, DDC sends a drone.

The challenge

All flights that are executed are mandatory to be logged. Before, DDC did all of this with paper. This came with quite some challenges. – It’s expensive to do it this way. All the paper has to be printed, and you need space to store this – A piece of paper is easy to lose – It’s hard to find one specific flight when you have so much paper, for one chimney inspection it can take 4 flights. – It’s hard to share data. If you, for example, have an incident it’s hard to share it with the ILT (CAA) when everything is on paper – Not all the data was fully coordinated. Coordinating information like the pilot, payload, coordinates etc. in one place was impossible. It had to be stored at 3 different places.

The software provides you with a full circle. Maintenance, logbook, documents from the pilots, documents of the drone, everything is easier in AirHub. I can’t find a tool like theirs.
Juan Manuel Boschi, Dutch Drone Company


With the AirHub software, doing everything with paper was no longer necessary. Everything DDC needs is collected in one user-friendly, easily sharable software.


  • All the information, like maintenance, logged flights, pilots etcetera, is in one place. It’s complete. 
  • The information can be accessed from anywhere with any device 
  • It’s cheaper to use AirHub than to have to print and store all the paper, that is otherwise needed 
  • The bigger the drone team, the harder it’ll be to manage. With AirHub this is not a problem, with AirHub it’s easy and fast 
  • It gives management a clear overview, it’s easy to stay up-to-date
  • AirHub has amazing support. Any problem is solved very fast, the software is adjusted to the needs