The All New Drone Operation Center

The updated Drone Operation Center (DOC) now offers a customizable dashboard, dark mode, enhanced live notifications, redesigned sidebar and many other new features and improvements. Read further to discover everything.

Flight states

The AirHub drone platform introduces flight states. This allows missions to be saved in various states, such as draft, enabling later work continuation. This feature simplifies flight status identification, laying a crucial groundwork for the upcoming release feature, flight approvals.

Mission overview 

The mission view now combines planned and logbook flights into one interface. Each mission includes a status indicator for easy identification of its current state. Users can also filter the list by mission status.

Timer workflow

The Drone Operation Center now supports Timerflow, enabling real-time flight tracking on any device with a browser. This upgrade improves operational efficiency and accessibility, making it easier for users to monitor flights from anywhere, at any time.


The Drone Operation Center now features a dark mode, improves the user experience during nighttime operations. This new interface reduces eye strain, making it easier for operators to monitor flights and data in low-light environments. 

Live notifications

AirHub introduces live notifications, as an operational manager you receive real-time notifications, so that you are always aware of important developments in your drone team. 

Install the Drone Operation Center as an App on your device

Install the Drone Operation Center as a real app on your desktop, iPhone, or Android device for an authentic app experience. Access it directly from your home screen without typing a URL, streamlining your drone management and operations with the convenience and efficiency of a native application.