Live Operations

Live Operations

Live Operations, is a videostreaming tool for drones packed with a range of exceptional features:

✅ AI Object Detection:
Experience a new dimension in your live streams as our AI-powered object detection automatically identifies objects and people in real-time within your video feed.

✅ Live Telemetry: Gain comprehensive situational awareness by accessing the map to view the real-time location of the drone.

✅ Shareable Video Links: Easily share your streams with all relevant parties and retain control over who can access specific video feeds.

✅ Chat Functionality: Stay seamlessly connected with your team, enabling concise communication with all session participants.

✅ Aircraft and Gimbal Control: Take command of the drone and gimbal from any location using your keyboard for remote control.

✅ Secure Links: Enhance security by protecting shareable video links with access codes or by whitelisting specific IP addresses. You can also set expiration dates for added control.

✅ Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a sleek and user-friendly interface that streamlines every aspect of your livestreaming journey.