Map Markers

Custom Map Markers

To enhance your mission planning further, you can incorporate custom markers on the map. These custom markers can represent various items or points of interest, such as observers, obstacles, vehicles like cars and firetrucks, and many other relevant elements.

Drone Operation Center

To initiate a new mission in the mission planner, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard and locate the blue “New Mission” button in the left-hand bar.
  2. Complete the mission details as usual, including drawing your flyzone and adding waypoint missions if necessary.
  3. To add custom markers, click on the icon on the right side of the screen that resembles a location pointer with a “+” symbol. Click anywhere on the map, and an icon will automatically appear.
  4. On the left side of the screen, you will be directed to the “Map markers” tab. Here, you can modify the name, icon, color, and coordinates for the custom marker.
  5. To make changes or delete a marker, click on its name to access all the information. You can then edit the information or click on the bin icon next to the name to delete it.

Your custom markers have now been successfully added to the map! Please note that the Ground Control Applications do not offer the option to add markers on the map; this feature is available exclusively in the Drone Operation Center.