Map Markers

Custom Map Markers

To make planning your mission even more complete, you can add custom markers to the map. Custom markers can be anything, some examples are observers, obstacles, cars, firetrucks, cars and so much more.

Drone Operation Center

  1. Start a new mission in the mission planner. To start a new mission, go to the dashboard and click on the blue ‘New Mission’ button in the bar on the left
  2. Fill in the mission as usual. Draw your flyzone and add a waypoint mission if applicable.
  3. To add the markers, click on the icon on the right that looks like a location pointer with a + in it. Next, click anywhere on the map. An icon will automatically appear.
  4. On the left, you’ll automatically go to the tab called ‘Map markers’. This is where you can change the name, icon, color, and coordinates.
  5. To change or delete a marker, click on the name to open all the information. Change the information or click on the bin next to the name to delete it.

Your markers have now been added to the map! The Ground Control Applications don’t have the option to add the markers on the map. You can only do so from the Drone Operation Center.

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