How to read your logbook

How to read your logbook items

A complete logbook is indispensable in any drone organization. If used accordingly, it ensures you’re compliant and that you have a good overview of what flights are happening within the organization.

Ground Control App
  1. Go to your logbook in the app, this can be found at the bottom of the screen in the middle
  2. You have the option to read more information about both your flights and incidents
    • You’ll automatically land on the screen with all flights
    • To see the incidents, press on ‘Incidents’ at the top of the screen next to ‘Flights’
  3. Press on the flight you’d like to see more details of
  4. A complete overview of the flight will open, showing information such as the local regulations, flight details, which 5. team it belongs to etcetera.
Drone Operation Center

It’s possible to view the details of separate logbook items.

  1. In the bar on the left side of the screen, you’ll see ‘Logbook’ as one of the options. Click on this
  2. You’ll automatically land on a page with all logbook items
  3. Click on the logbook item you’d like to view the details of
  4. Any of the headings, containing a blue arrow at the very end, have the possibility to be clicked on. This will reveal more information
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