Livestream AirHub Ground control


If you want to start a livestream, you have to start from our Ground Control App. Once these steps are successful, you, or your colleague, will continue from the dashboard to watch along.

Ground Control App
  1. To start broadcasting, you have to start a flight and map out the flight area first
  2. Select ‘Fly with DJI’ and ‘broadcast flight’
  3. Click on “Connect drone”
  4. Start the flight

* If you’re synchronizing your DJI drone for the first time, please follow the additional steps below:

  1. Click on the plus sign on the right
  2. Give your drone/ battery a name
  3. Click on the save button and start the flight by connecting the drone.

Extra information:
After the first connection, all important specifications, such as the serial number, will automatically start synchronizing with your library and logbook.

Live stream “Broadcast flight & Live airspace”
  1. Start a flight plan and select fly with DJI.
  2. Select ‘Broadcast flight’
  3. Choose the ‘streaming quality’ e.g. 1080p if possible
  4. Fill in the rest of the flight plan and start your flight
View livestream in the Drone Operation Center
  1. Go to the AirHub dashboard:
  2. Go to the same environment where you made the flight (team or individual)
  3. Select ‘Live Airspace’
  4. Select de active drone on the map
  5. Select ‘Cockpit view’ and the stream will appear

*The video stream will appear when the status of the drone says ‘ready to fly’ and once it’s connected to GPS

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