Livestream via RTMP

Livestream RTMP

With an RTMP link, you can share your livestream with anyone who has a device connected to the internet. Phones, laptops, tablets, it doesn’t matter. This comes in handy when you have to work with third parties who aren’t part of your team within the AirHub software.

Drone Operation Center

Create stream session

  1. Go to your team
  2. The streaming tab appears on the left side
  3. Click on the streaming tab
  4. Click on the “new” button to start a new streaming session
  5. Add a name and expiration date for the session
  6. Click on the session to add details

Set up the streamer device

  1. Add a streamer by clicking on the + in the corner (streamer generates an RTMP link for your drone or another device)
  2. Click on the copy button behind the streamer created
  3. Paste this RTMP link into the, for example, DJI app. (Under the live stream platform tab in settings)
  4. Start the live stream

Set up the link for the observer

  1. Add an observer, click on the + in the corner (observer generates a URL link for the web browser)
  2. Click on the copy button behind the observer you added
  3. Send this URL to the observer
  4. The observer pastes this URL into the web browser
  5. The livestream starts as soon as the streamer turns it on
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