Weather forecast

Weather forecast

When flying with your drone, it’s important to know the current weather condition, but also the forecast. With the help of the weather forecast tool, you’ll see detailed information such as temperature, wind information, cloud coverage, visual distance etcetera. There is also a weather warning system that advises you if there is a risk.

How to access weather forecast

Ground control
  1. Start the app, you’ll land at the ‘Flyzones’ page
  2. Press on the weather icon in the upper right-hand corner
  3. The weather forecast and the weather warning system will be shown

Weather forecast information

To explain the information displayed on the screen, we’ll be working from top to bottom.

Ground Control App
  1. At the top, the name of the location will be displayed
  2. Below the name, specific coordinates are displayed
  3. A layer with three icons and corresponding information is displayed next to each other
  4. Right below, the current time and future time are displayed
  5. The first layer of information displays the temperature in Celciusius
  6. The second layer of information displays the wind power in km/hour
  7. The thirds layer of information displays the gusts in km/hour
  8. The fourth layer of information displays how clouded it is in percentage
  9. The fifth layer of information displays the humidity in percentage
  10. The sixth layer displays
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