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The Haagsch Recherchebureau is your Specialist in Private Investigations. They conduct nationwide Private Detective and Corporate Investigations with independent truth-telling as their starting point.

Who do you go to when the police are unable to help you? Perhaps it’s because of a lack of evidence, or there are simply insufficient leads to track down your stolen item. Frustrating, yes, but Haagsch Recherchebureau is the one to call. 

While the term ‘detective agency’ might evoke images of shadowy figures capturing infidelity with hefty cameras, Haagsch Recherchebureau is a far cry from these clichés. In essence, it acts as an extension of law enforcement, stepping in when official channels fall short.

So what exactly is it that they do? A question that can’t be answered in a single post. However, here’s a glimpse into their investigative scope:

  • Company fraud 
  • Absence fraud 
  • Examining breaches of relationship clauses
  • Conducting penetration tests 
  • And so much more 

Imagine suspecting fraudulent activities within your company. The instinctive response might be to approach the police, but without concrete evidence, you’d likely be met with a dead end. This is where Haagsch Recherchebureau steps in – collecting and solidifying essential evidence so that when you approach law enforcement, there’s zero doubt.

Use of drones

Drones are a true game changer for the field of detectives for many reasons. Offering a way to explore and surveil areas and persons in an anonymous and invisible way. It gives them the possibility to stay at a distance of often up to 250 meters, making it nearly impossible to connect the person to the drone. Part of being a detective is being on the lookout for longer periods of time. This could come across as suspicious, especially to the criminals who are already somewhat paranoid. A small drone far up in the sky often goes unnoticable, giving the possibility to stay on the lookout for as long as is necessary. 

Situational awareness
As a detective, having a comprehensive overview of the situation is crucial. Are there doors only at the front of the house or also at the back? This detail could impact the number of detectives required for a safe operation. Such information needs to be gathered in advance. Physically inspecting these aspects on foot might make you stand out and raise suspicion. Once again, the anonymity and invisibility of the drone prove to be advantageous.

Besides it offering this anonymity, drones enhance safety during investigations in potentially risky locations. When tracking stolen items that lead to questionable areas, sending a drone to scan the location ahead is a great way to get a feeling of the situation. Anything that stands out, like an excessive amount of cameras, can be detected and noted for when they have to go in. An additional benefit is that it’s also a lot faster than scanning the area by foot. 

Evaluating Security with Penetration Tests
Picture yourself secluded on the third floor of your office, immersed in sensitive on-screen data, assuming all is secure. Yet, drones defy conventional limitations, capturing images from unexpected angles. This emphasizes the need for robust security measures, as criminals constantly evolve their tactics.

While this might be a less conventional way to operate drones, it shows the risks such new technologies bring with them. Risks many companies don’t consider yet. By simply letting a drone fly over the area, you can discover how people respond to it and which security measures have to be taken. 

The AirHub software offers a clean interface with not too much fluff. All features have a clear purpose.

Jan-Paul Kreukniet, founder Haagsch Recherchebureau


Haagsch Recherchebureau is an avid user of the AirHub software. While there are accurate online tools to scan areas from your laptop, these images are often outdated. The livestreaming tool offers a quick and easy way to get an overview of the most recent changes in almost any area. It only takes seconds to get the drone in the air, making it a great addition to their toolkit. An additional benefit, according to Haagsch Recherchebureau, is that it runs on multiple interfaces. This assures they can always access the AirHub platform. 

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