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Drone Operators around the world use AirHub’s Ground Control Apps for their Drone Operations

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Compliance difficult? Not really.

Create standardized workflows through AirHub’s comprehensive drone operations management platform. We take care of all the compliance parts of your drone operations, so you can focus on flying your drone.

Situational Awareness

Create situational awareness with secure livestreaming. Our solutions are used to stream video from drones, mobile phones and bodycams. We have developed a secure, intuitive and user-friendly workflow.

One tool for all your drone operations

Stop using flight plans on paper. With AirHub creating a flight plan for your drone operators or drone in the box, is just a breeze.

Aware of all your company assets

Have all information you need about your assets in one place. Always be prepared and compliant.

Highly Secure.
Incredibly fast.
Tons of features.

Protect your data

Fly with a VPN connection to keep the data to yourself


Make sure that all assets are maintained and secure

Drone insights

One centralized workflow with checklist that can be used for personal use or teams

Preflight checklist
Report incidents

Report incidents, hazards and accidents and improve missions 


Manage your team, define roles, track member abilities and assign missions

Use any device during the operation

Airhub is crossplatform and can be used on

Ground Control

DJI Smart Controller


With AirHub’s online SORA Tool, drone operators can easily perform their risk assessment for operations in the EASA Specific Category and apply for a permit or waiver at their CAA. 

What's new

We’re always shipping new updates to AirHub. Here’s a selection of our latest features for you to explore.

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