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Logbook ground control app

Be compliant anytime, anywhere, every flight

Every flight is automatically stored in the logbook and synced in to the AirHub cloud. Always have detailed flight information in a split second.


Aware of your surroundings

Always have the most current map information such as the weather, NOTAMs and more. Switch between UTM providers to get current insights of your specific country.

AirHub software flyzones
two waypoint flight plans AirHub software

Create a flight plan on site, within a minute

Quickly create new flight plans, such as waypoint missions, for autonomous flights.


Easily execute planned flights

Check the flights you planned in advance, and execute them quickly and easily.

Planning waypoint mission software
Image pre-flight checklist

Perform checklists

Checklist are crucial for flying compliant. Make sure you always have them at hand so no checks will be missed.

Protect your data

The AirHub Secure Data Mode feature is designed to give users complete control over their data and privacy.


Easy to use flight controls

Thanks to the optimized user interface, designed for drone operators, it is easy for anyone to fly with our app.

In flight overview AirHub software
Live streaming feature

Share the stream smoothly with others

Provide your team and external stakeholders with a good overview of the situation by sharing the stream.

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Ground Control

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