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You can now try our updated livestreaming feature, 'Live Operations,' for free over a 7 day period. Prepare to experience livestreaming like never before with functionalities such as AI object detection, Live Telemetry and more.


Immediate situational awareness

AirHub’s video broadcasting tool streams the video immediately to the AirHub dashboard. There will be no delay between what the drone, bodycams and other cameras see and what your team sees.

AI overlays

Revolutionize your viewing experience with our AI overlay on streaming feed. The AI overlay on streaming feed uses advanced computer vision to detect objects and persons in real-time, enhancing the viewing experience with automatic labeling.

Multiple streams

Multiple streams at once

Watch 8+ live streams at once and have a complete overview of the situation.

Livestream buttons

Decide who sees what and when

Decide which people get to see what streams. Simply click off or pause the stream. You’re in control.

Share livestream

Easy sharable links

Share the link to the live stream and ensure all the necessary people can watch along.

Livestream snapshot

Capture the important things

Take a snapshot of the stream and highlight  what needs attention with the drawing tool. By doing this, the drone operators in the field know where to focus.

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Experience the power of AirHub in your drone operations

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