Live Operations

Reliable high performance videostreaming

AirHub’s video broadcasting tool streams the video immediately to the AirHub dashboard. There will be no delay between what the drone, bodycams and other cameras see and what your team sees.

Situational Awareness


Multiple streams at once

Watch multiple live streams at once and have a complete overview of the situation. Easy add and remove devices from a streaming session.

Situational Awareness

AI-Powered Object Detection

Revolutionize your viewing experience with our AI overlay on streaming feed. The AI overlay on streaming feed uses advanced computer vision to detect objects and persons in real-time, enhancing the viewing experience with automatic labeling.


Take Control Anytime, Anywhere

Take over control of the drone and payload when flying an automated mission from any location to have a closer look of an incident. Respond precisely to incidents with immediate, hands-on capabilities.



Easily share the stream

Let your team and external stakeholders watch along, so everyone knows exactly what’s going on. Secure the links with a pincode or using ip whitelisting.


Maintain control over an incident

Keep a close eye on the situation until the ground team has arrived. Share snapshot of the incident with your team.


Guide the team to the location

Quickly pin point the location of the incident and provide your team with accurate information to optimize response times and enhance overall safety


Stay in contact at all time

Chat with your teammates and share snapshot of the stream and draw on the stream to point out the region of interest.


Direct who sees what

Hide or show streams for your audience. you are in control what is should be seen and what not.

Low latency

Low Latency HLS (LLHLS) streaming, delivering low latency video/audio playback to viewers.

High quality

High-definition live streams over WebRTC to hundreds of thousands of viewers

Multiple streams

Stream from any RTMP-Streaming device

Shareable links

Easy to share links


Security by TTA based on international standards (ISO/IEC 25023, 25041, and 25051)

Access control

Customize your lobby and streaming session to your preferences

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AirHub specializes in innovative software for drone control, offering solutions that are both cost-effective and safety-enhancing. Our platform allows for precise drone operation, providing a comprehensive view of any area and ensuring informed decisions for asset protection.

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