Get full control and performance with AirHub's On-Premise expertise.

We understand that some organizations require a dedicated environment to ensure optimal performance and complete control over their data security and infrastructure. While cloud-based solutions have their advantages, they are not always a perfect fit for every situation. That’s why AirHub specializes in On-Premise deployments.

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Why On-Premise?

At AirHub, we’re committed to provide organizations with the tools they need to excel in their drone operations. Our on-premise solution gives you the opportunity to host the AirHub software on your own server, giving you full control and flexibility.

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Data security and control

Our on-premise deployment option allows companies to implement their own robust security measures for utmost data safety.


Performance and speed

It can provide faster performance and speed compared to cloud-based software since it does not rely on internet connectivity.

Customization and flexibility

Tailor the AirHub Drone Operations Software to meet specific needs.


Data security

We recognize that data security is a top priority for organizations, especially when it comes to sensitive drone operations. With our on-premises deployment, you have full control over your data, keeping it within your trusted environment.

Data security
Infrastructure control

Infrastructure Control

By hosting AirHub software on your own servers, you maintain full control over your infrastructure. This means you can optimize and adapt your configuration to your unique operational requirements, without relying on external cloud resources.


Performance Optimization

On-premise deployment enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their hardware and network capabilities. By eliminating dependence on external connections, you can achieve improved performance, lower latency, and greater efficiency for your drone operations.

Performance optimization
Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Certain industries have strict rules regarding data storage and processing. With on-site deployment, you can ensure you meet industry-specific requirements.

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