UAS Operations Manual

Standard operating procedures that keep your operation safe, efficient, and compliant.

The Operations Manual is the backbone of your drone operation. We will guide you in setting up an EASA and ISO compliant manual, which supports you in safely and efficiently scaling your drone operations. Our Manual Distributions System ensures compliance through electronic document management and automatic monitoring on regulatory changes.

EASA and ISO Operations Manual

The Operations Manual is the foundation of your drone program. It enables you to perform repeatable operations that are safe, efficient, and compliant with regulations. We will help you set up an Operations Manual that includes:​

  • Organizational structures and responsibilities
  • Technical specification of your drones and equipment
  • Flight planning and preparation procedures
  • Normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures
  • Maintenance and occurrence reporting schedules
  • Crew qualification and training requirements

Our experienced aviation consultants will also make sure your Operations Manual is – and stays – fully compliant with any requirements defined by your Civil Aviation Authority. All our manuals are fully compliant with ISO 21384-3 (UAS – Part 3: Operational Procedures) standards as well.

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Compliance & Support Packages

All our Operations Manuals come with an online introduction training for your personnel to ensure a thorough understanding of the management structure, the processes within your drone organization and the standard operating procedures that must be applied by them when operating their drones. And, if requested, our consultants can even join you in the field to support your operations.

With changes in regulations, (ISO) standards, and improvements that are continuously implemented within your organization, you want to be able to inform your crews of any changes in your documentation as soon as possible.

AirHub’s Compliance Package ensure your documentation stays up-to-date and is improved over time. The Support Package will give you direct access to the knowledge and experience our consultants whenever you need it.  

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