Intelligent Drone Surveillance​

Mitigate risks with Intelligent Drone Surveillance. Deploy a drone for protection, scanning key locations, encompassing extensive areas, and automating routine security patrols


Automate your drone missions to efficiently cover your entire premise. Integrate our software with your existing triggers for optimal use.


Know exactly what’s going on on your premise with livestreaming. Have an extra pair of eyes in the sky with AI powered object detection.


Act on when a trigger is spotted, and send your team to the exact location. Take action within seconds.



Unlock the full potential of your DJI Dock with AirHub

Revolutionizing drone operations with centralized control, live commands, and flawless waypoint missions.


Be informed about events happening on site

Set up automated waypoint missions to keep an eye on your entire property. Stay on top of important events and make sure your team stays informed.


Execute security missions

Secure your property and business with optimal efficiency. Use automated patrols to handle everyday security tasks smoothly, guaranteeing safety. Establish and carry out well-defined security missions consistently to streamline your operations.



Take Control Anytime, Anywhere

Take over control of the drone when flying an automated mission from any location to have a closer look of an incident. Respond precisely to incidents with immediate, hands-on capabilities.


AI-Powered Object Detection

Utilize AI object detection to monitor for unauthorized individuals on industrial or residential premises and receive alerts for any security breaches.



Guide the team to the location

Quickly pin point the location of anomalies and provide your team with accurate information to optimize response times and enhance overall security.


Maintain control over an incident

Keep a close eye on the situation until the ground team has arrived. Share snapshot of the suspect with your team. Tail fleeing intruders so the exact location is always known.


Integration with your system

Integrate your existing security systems with our software using the SDK. Initiate missions directly from your security platform’s triggers, enhancing overall security with a hassle-free connection.

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AirHub specializes in innovative software for drone control, offering surveillance solutions that are both cost-effective and safety-enhancing. Our platform allows for precise drone operation, providing a comprehensive view of any area and ensuring informed decisions for asset protection. Opt for AirHub's smart control software for a safer, more economical approach to security.

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Keep a close eye on the situation until the ground team has arrived. Share snapshot of the incident with your team.