Innovative Air Mobility

Creating a new form of air mobility by transporting passengers and cargo with electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicles.

Enabling Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) requires a step-by-step approach, taking into account the legal, operational and technical requirements. Also, social embracement must be considered through the engagement with local, regional and national stakeholders. AirHub can guide you through the process.


1. Certified Category operations

Transporting passengers or flying over urban areas with VTOL’s requires you as an operator to meet the standards for the EASA Certified Category. To be able to fly in the Certified Category, you must certify your VTOL, meet organizational and procedural requirements and have safety management systems in place. Whilst the regulations are still being developed, our regulatory experts can help you prepare for future operations.

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Urban environments

2. Urban Air Mobility

A new form of air mobility in urban environments requires special attention to existing, and new infrastructure. With the integration of drone airports, vertiports, the associated risks and urban planning should be assessed to enable urban operations.

Since the airspace structure should fit the ground infrastructure, UAM corridors are closely linked to the infrastructure planning. However, changing the existing airspace structure to geographical zones or U-Space requires an in-depth implementation plan.

Our consultants can help you to carry out a feasibility study focussing on the implementation of UAM corridors and advising you about the required infrastructure in order to implement UAM into your country, region, city or airport.

Impact Studies

3. Social Embracement

Whilst technical, operational and legal aspects may be covered, the impact on the social environment should be taken into account as well. Mapping the impact on the environment and social acceptance should be part of your or your customers’ policy regarding the implementation of IAM. 

AirHub can help you with an impact study to assess the potential impact of both ground and air infrastructure, the implementation of IAM and all associated risks and nuisances.

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EUROCONTROL webinar: Urban Air Mobility

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is a new form of transportation that uses electric aircraft to reduce traffic congestion in cities. There are several challenges that need to be addressed before UAM can be implemented, including technical issues and regulatory challenges.

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Our experienced consultants can guide you through the process of setting up Innovative Air Mobility.