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How we work

Drones offer endless possibilities for your organization. However, before you can start using drones safely, legally, and efficiently you must know which permits, training, hardware, and software your organization requires. We will help you set up your drone operation in a few simple steps.

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Getting started

We start out with the basics. Together we will investigate what the added value of drones will be for your organization and how drones could be implemented in your work processes. We will look at which permits and training are required and which hardware, software, and services can be used.


What we offer
  • Drone Readiness Analysis © - Find out what drones can mean for your business
  • Hardware Advice - The right fit for your job
  • Demonstrations & Proof of Concepts - Get started as quickly as possible

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Concept of Operations

Now that we know where drones could benefit your organization we will start setting up your Concept of Operations (ConOps), this is the legal foundation for your drone operation. It helps authorities get an understanding of how, where, and under which limitations or conditions the operations will be performed.

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Operational Risk Assessment

Once the ConOps are established, we will determine on which type of permit your operation can be based:


Using our deep regulatory knowledge and extensive experience we will perform an assessment of the risk that your drone operation could pose to people on the ground and other aircraft in the airspace. We will also look at how these risks could be mitigated and what the requirements are for your operations manual, pilot training, and airworthiness of your drones.

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Standard Operating Procedures

LUC & Operations Manual

The Operations Manual or Light UAS Certificate Manual is the backbone of your drone operation. We will support you in setting up an EASA and ISO-compliant manual. Our Compliance & Support Packages keep both your documentation and personnel up-to-date.

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UAS Design Verification

Just like manned aircraft, drones must be assessed on their safety to be allowed to fly. We will check what the airworthiness requirements are for your drones, equipment, and services. For more complex operations we can also assist in obtaining a:
For operations with a medium risk (SAIL III and IV) the airworthiness of the drone must be verified by EASA to be able to conduct certain types of operations. For the highest risk operations (SAIL V and VI) the drone must even obtain a (Restricted) Type Certificate, comparable with manned aircraft.

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Theoretical & Practical

Crew training

Having the right knowledge and skills is essential when operating a drone professionally and when managing a drone operation. At AirHub we help you get your pilots and management personnel trained to safely, legally, and efficiently perform drone operations.

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Application Support

Application Support

Once the required documentation has been set up, all trainings have been completed and internal processes are determined, it is time to apply for an operational authorization at the Civil Aviation Authority or EASA. Our experienced consultants can support you during this process and the discussions with the authority


Staying up to date

After receiving your permits and exemptions from the CAA, you are good to go. However, you need to stay compliant with regulatory changes and ensure your operations stay safe and efficient.

At AirHub our regulatory consultants stay at your disposal to support your drone operation at any time. And with our Drone Operations Platform and Compliance & Support Packages, we will ensure that you can plan, execute and manage your drone operations efficiently and that your operations manuals stay up to date.

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