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In-flight Operations

Gain full situational awareness

Execute drone missions with ease, efficiency and control. Our software handles everything needed for a successful operation. From live streaming for complete situational awareness to monitoring your crew’s training and skills, our software has you covered. Uncover surprising features that go beyond the basics—let our software impress you with its depth.



Centralize livestreams from all drones and devices for real-time monitoring during missions.

Aircraft control

Gain control of the drone remotely and fly using the Keyboard or Gamepad accessing the Cockpit view from any location on the world.

A.i. Object detection

Live object detection is used to overlay information onto the video feed, improving situational awareness and monitoring.

Pre-Flight planning

Prepare missions in detail

Make drone missions better by automating them. Save time and repetitive tasks by planning missions in advance and scheduling the execution of the mission.


Waypoint missions

Easily set up waypoint missions for your drone, letting it fly by itself from the Drone Dock or controlled by the pilot.

Flight geography

Map out the area where the drone will fly, and include contingency volume for unexpected situations and ground risks to make sure everything is safe and follows the rules.


Easily plan waypoint missions to enable autonomous flight for either the ground station or the pilot's drone.

Operation management

Optimize drone fleet management

Achieve precision, control, and efficiency in every drone mission. Take off in seconds while ensuring compliance with a well-organized backend, managing checklists, equipment, and more.


Fleet management

Quickly access a drone, dock, battery or other equipment flight history, usage statistics, and maintenance records.

Team management

Get team overviews, track flights, ensure currency, and stay up-to-date with certificates and training.

Maintenance management

Set up maintenance program for your assets and define the rules to ensure airworthiness.


Advanced flight analytics

Airhub’s Flight Analytics for drones provides insights to improve performance and safety. Enhance your drone operations with precision and intelligence for a seamless flying experience.


Flight geography

Your flight geography, contingency volumes and ground risk buffers are saved in the flight log.

Flight statistics

Drone and battery statistics are logged in the logbook for comprehensive record-keeping.​

Crew information​

All participants involved in the mission are saved in the logbook for documentation purposes.

Operation management

Secured by AirHub

At Airhub, keeping your data safe is our top priority. We put highest effort into security, so your data stays private. We’re committed to making sure everything’s locked down and working smoothly for you.

AirHub Cloud

Utilize an AirHub-managed cloud platform with private cloud storage for seamless security and scalability of your drone operations.​

Secure data mode

Block any unnecessary outgoing data. This guarantees that your data remains safe and protected.


Take an extra step for maximum security. Bring the entire setup to your location and connect it to your personal network. This makes it impossible for intruders to access your data, ensuring unparalleled protection.​


From flight planning till compliancy in one powerful workflow

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We’re always shipping new updates to AirHub. Here’s a selection of our latest features for you to explore.

Use any device during the operation

Airhub is crossplatform and can be used on

Ground Control

DJI Smart Controller

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We’re always shipping new updates to AirHub. Here’s a selection of our latest features for you to explore.

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