Design Verification Report

Enable more complex and higher risk operations through
an EASA Design Verification

Complex operations in the Specific Category require you to obtain a Design Verification Report from EASA. Our technical experts will guide you in setting up the required documents and processes and will support with your application at EASA.

Operational Safety Objectives

Unmanned Aircraft System

If you or your customers want to perform operations at Specific Assurance and Integrity Level (SAIL) III or IV the CAA can require you to obtain a Design Verification Report from EASA. The report enables the UAS to perform medium risk types of operation, such as over populated areas.

Our consultants will help you write the required ConOps and SORA. They’ll support you in setting up your Design Verification Basis, Design Verification Program and the required project schedule in conformance with the Special Condition for Light UAS – Medium Risk.

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Mitigation Means

If you are using strategic mitigations to lower your ground risk like a tether or a parachute with a high level of integrity, then the design of these mitigations must be verified by EASA against the design verification basis.

Our consultants will help you specify the design-related, auditable and measurable data to achieve compliance and will help you define how to demonstrate compliance with this data.


Enhanced Containment

When operating over populated areas, or when flying near assemblies of people, the CAA might require you to fulfill the requirements for enhanced containment with a Design Verification. This is to ensure that the UAS will stay in the assigned operational volume.

Our consultants will support you in providing the required evidence through analysis and/or test data. They’ll help you verify the design of the applicable Software (SW) and airborne electronic hardware (AEH).

Enhanced Containment
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Consultancy support

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Our experienced consultants can support with obtaining your Design Verification Report from EASA.