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Be in control of everything around your drone operations.
AirHub software, live streaming feature and drone
AirHub dashboard operation manager

A single overview for all activities

The only environment you need, providing you with all the necessary insights you need to have a clear overview of what is going on in your organization.

Immediate situational awareness

Your team will always be up-to-date and able to watch along with incidents. There will never be a lack of eyes again!
Mission planner

Fast, remote mission planning for every pilot, drone or groundstation

Plan your mission in advance to save time, and work more efficiently in the field. Leave no room for questions or confusion.

Manage all your assets

Have all company assets in a structured overview. Know how often it’s used and if it’s due for maintenance.
DOC library image
DOC maintenance overview

A single overview for all activities

Get a clear and complete overview of all drone related activities in your organization. Know who flew where, when, and with which assets, know if your pilots are current and more.

Company wide checklists and protocols

Make sure your entire team is informed of the items which are due for maintenance. Simply create an item for maintenance and you’re good to go.
Preflight checklist
DOC incidents overview

Report incidents

If an incident happens in the field, you have to report this. Keep a clear overview of what exactly happened and where.

Be in control of your team

Create a team with different roles. Have insights of detailed team information such as, if your pilot is current, how many hours they’ve flown etc.
Team overview DOC

From flight planning till compliancy in one powerfull workflow

Experience the power of AirHub in your drone operations

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