Unlock the full potential of your DJI Dock with AirHub

Revolutionizing drone operations with centralized control, live commands, and flawless waypoint missions. Start your flight today!

Draw your mission

Creating a waypoint mission for the DJI Dock is effortless with The AirHub mission planner, making drone operations efficient and streamlined.

Set waypoint behavior

Decide how you want your waypoints to behave. Add behaviors like direction, altitude, and hold. Set the type of waypoint, like return to home or landing. Add actions such as ‘start recording’ or ‘take picture’.

Schedule your missions

Scheduling a mission with The AirHub mission planner for the DJI Dock is incredibly simple, streamlining the process effortlessly.

Mission will be executed on schedule

Plan your mission in advance and it’ll be executed at the exact time as scheduled. Routine check-ups will require close to 0 human interference.

Live Situational Awareness

The ‘Live Operations’ feature provides immersive situational awareness through live video streams, telemetry data, and AI-powered object detection, empowering users with comprehensive real-time information.

Take over control

Take direct control of the drone from the Live Operations feature, allowing users to fly the DJI Dock from any remote location, expanding possibilities and enhancing convenience.

See it in action

Witness the power of AirHub in action as it empowers seamless drone operations with centralized control and dynamic waypoint missions.

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