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Having a complete and up-to-date logbook is not only mandatory, but also important to keep an overview for yourself of your team. Simplify and speed up this process with the AirHub software.

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DJI logbook

Easily import your old DJI flights

Still have some old flights in the DJI app? No problem, import them with the click of a button to the AirHub software. All documents will be consistent with the AirHub layout.

Export logbook items

Export your reports

When it’s time to submit your reports to the authorities, it’s easy to have these as a PDF or CSV file. Easily export them from the AirHub dashboard, and they’re ready to go!


Mission details

Easily evaluate your missions and get a complete picture of how it was executed. Check weather history, local regulations, flight details and who was involved.

Waypoint mission
logbook report incident

Report incidents

If an incident happens in the field, you have to report this. Keep a clear overview of what exactly happened and where.

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